Teaser Tuesday <3


Her lips were swollen again. Seeing them that way and knowing it was because of me threw gasoline on the fire that she had ignited within me. I leaned forward and kissed them again, sucking on her bottom lip. I wanted them to stay this way.

“Don’t be” I whispered against her lips.

She kissed me back. Light touches and quick moments of passion that sent shock waves through my body.

“This is dangerous.” She said between kisses.

“Mmm… you’re right.” I agreed, “But I don’t want to stop.”

Holding each other and kissing this way in an open conference room was a dangerous idea. Anyone could walk in any moment. Groaning, I pulled away and grabbed her hands.

“Let’s go.” I pulled her into the media closet in the corner of the room. All of the production equipment that was used for presentations was stored in here. It was cramped, but just enough room for the two of us. Especially if we stayed close. I grabbed her ass, covered in linen pants, and pulled her against me.

“This is better.”

“Much.” she crooned.

We were kissing again. Her body was flush against mine, her hands moving up the front of me, caressing my chest and wrapping around my neck to keep me there as close as possible. As our tongues danced, soft moans escaped her lips. Hearing her pleasure brought me right back to the Incident. I felt my cock growing thicker in my pants. And as close as she was, I’m sure she felt it too. We were locked in each other for several minutes, like sex-crazed teenagers. Not coming up for air. Not caring if anyone heard us outside of the door. All that mattered in that moment was the two of us.






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